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What is xine?

xine is a free multimedia player. It plays back CDs, DVDs, and VCDs. It also decodes multimedia files like AVI, MOV, WMV, and MP3 from local disk drives, and displays multimedia streamed over the Internet. It interprets many of the most common multimedia formats available – and some of the most uncommon formats, too.

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2014-04-08: Release
xine-lib 1.2.5

This release works with libav10.

We now have an avformat demuxer plugin, which means new formats and new protocols – for example, proper RTSP support (avformat+rtsp://, rtsp+tcp:// and rtsp+http://). Native demuxer plugins are probed first, but can be overridden by configuration or by selecting the demuxer in the MRL – either postfix, i.e. #demux:avformat, or by using avformat+ as a protocol prefix.

We also have a avio (libavformat) input plugin, which allows for HTTPS, FTP, sftp, seekable HTTP streams (avio+http://). This can be overridden in config or by using avio+ as a protocol prefix.

We now handle HEVC/H.265, ADPCM G.726 and ATRAC3. H.265 is handled in MPEG-TS and, along with VP9, in Matroska. VP8 and VP9 decoding may be done by libvpx.

The Quicktime demuxer has seen some improvements: multiple user-selectable audio tracks, support for AC3, EAC3, Vorbis and PureVoice audio, support for ISO fragment media files. Broken files should be handled more safely.

The AC3 decoder now has bass downmix support; HDMV subtitle channel handling and some colour format conversion, RealVideo PTS and COOK audio problems are fixed.

Download it from our download page.

2014-02-25: Release
xine-ui 0.99.8

Basically, bug fixes: opening files via the menus, a few crashes and deadlocks.

Download it from our download page.

2013-09-24: Release
xine-lib 1.2.4

A few more formats, a few fixes… BluRay Java is now supported; the VAAPI plugin has seen some bug fixing; ffmpeg audio and video playback have seen some clean-up work; Flash video handling is much improved, and there are more codecs supported; and Ogg Theora playback now handles a few more pixel formats. Also, a possible hang due to display locking is fixed, and there are a few performance improvements.

Download it from our download page.

2013-05-30: Release
xine-lib 1.2.3

A few new features and some fixes. VAAPI is now supported; we have an OpenGL 2.0 output plugin; there are colour support improvements; there's faster JPEG decoding, support for EAC3 audio, and support for large PAT in MPEG TS. If you want to do some testing, there's a test input plugin. Bugs fixed include crashes caused by large images when using Xv output.

Download it from our download page.

2012-06-09: Release
xine-lib 1.1.21 & 1.2.2, xine-ui 0.99.7

Three new releases on one day! Mostly bug fixes, but…

xine-lib 1.1 has basic BluRay support as well as better Matroska, DVB and MPEG-TS support, improved YUV handling, fixes for ffmpeg codecs, and it should be buildable on Windows. Also, several bug fixes, two of which would cause it to crash.

xine-lib 1.2 has that, a DVB fixup, more YUV conversion optimisation, support for FLAC in Matroska, and support for BMP(!).

xine-ui has quite a few changes: better M3U playlist handling, various UI fixes (including a deadlock fix and a crash fix), use of XScreenSaver, and two overflow bug fixes (which you'll probably want).

Download it from our download page.

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