Quality Assurance

Like any other software, xine has bugs. While we strive to produce high quality code, if you encounter a bug, please report it to us so we can get around to fix it.

Please pay attention to this simple checklist before posting a new bug entry:

Please include all information that seems to be relevant to this bug. This usually includes the front end name and version number, the xine-lib version number, the audio and video drivers being used, and either a small sample or a link to a file which triggers or exhibits the problem URL.

Security bugs should be submitted using our bug tracker. They may be sent directly to the project admins (see our Sourceforge page for a list), but we prefer the bug tracker.

If you are uncertain about any of these points or you have any questions that do not necessarily classify as a bug, you can always contact the xine-user mailing list first.

Report a new bug (login required).